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Professional Artwork Guide

Artwork Guidelines for Teardrop,Feather or Sail Flag Designs - Advanced or Professional Customers

General Tips:

Please read the following carefully - if you have any doubts please contact our studio.

With one of the most comprehensive in-house studios and screen departments in the country we are able to offer a large variety of services to help you get the best image on your flag - including:

  • Full design service
  • Image manipulation
  • Redraws to vector files

We are able to handle all files, but for the quickest and most economic handling of your designs, please submit artwork in one of these preferred filetypes:

  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
  • PostScript (.eps)
  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) - print quality output
  • JPEG (.jpg,.jpeg) - must be high resolution

Pantone Guide
If you wish to specify Pantone colours and do not have an original Pantone swatch book, you can click here to download a pdf file of Pantone colours. Please note that this is a GUIDE ONLY for discussion with our art team, as the colours will render differently according to various types of computer monitor and grahics card settings.

Specific recommendations:

Artwork Guidelines for Teardrop,Feather or Sail Flag Designs Fonts must be supplied for all documents as well as those used in supporting imported or placed files. Text to outlines: Where possible all text should be converted to curves, this prevents your type face being replaced with a similar one.
Artwork Guidelines for Teardrop,Feather or Sail Flag Designs Scanned images should be supplied as separate files, saved in EPS or PDF Resolution: Scanning resolution is relative to the final Image. When a scan is at actual finished size, the scan image resolution (DPI) should be at least 300dpi.
Artwork Guidelines for Teardrop, Feather or SailFlag  Designs Special colours must be clearly indicated and accompanied with appropriate Pantone Reference Numbers.
Artwork Guidelines for Teardrop, Feather or Sail  Flag Designs Finished files can be accepted on CD/DVD or USB Stick. Files can also be uploaded via ftp (yousendit.com is a free option) or by email to info@eclipseflags.com
Artwork Guidelines for Teardrop, Feather or Sail  Flag Designs Due to the numerous software packages available for artwork creation, we are unable to support them all. Please export your files to an EPS format or PDF or high resolution JPG
Fire Certificates? - Don't worry, we've got it covered!
Due to recent health & safety laws all venues (indoor and outdoor) require a British Standards fire retardant safety certificate to comply with BSI safety standards.
All of our flags have been laboratory tested and approved by the British Standards Institution. Each completed order will now receive a copy of our fire certificate for issue to venue health and safety officials and thus help ensure compliance. Our flags are made from flame-retardant material and all our printing inks are water-based and solvent free.
Top Display Flag Tips!
Don't confuse our aluminium poles or our super strong and flexible solid fibreglass flag-ends (which are the best on the market) with the cheap fibreglass option used by some other suppliers, which crack and easily snap under any sort of strain. These may be a cheaper option, but will last only a day or two, whereas ours are a professional system built to last. Please Note: All portable flagpoles should be taken down during high gusting winds over 20 mph
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